Penn foster high school reviews

Penn Foster Career School Reviews. Write a Review. Learn More Write a Review. No Reviews - Be the First! Review Reviews. This school doesn't have any reviews yet. Help future students make informed decisions by reviewing your school today! Find an Online Degree: Select a Program. Select a Level. Business - Bachelor's. Pharmacy Technician - Certificate. Veterinary Technician - Associate. Veterinary Technician - Certificate. See More Programs. Degree: Hospitality Management Graduation Year: I've read other reviews saying the material is outdated, but I don't have that problem with the Travel and Tourism program.

Everything seems up to date and I did actually learn alot. It is self pace and they give you a year to complete the program or you'll have to pay extra, and I was told this the day I started the program, to which they give you 6 days from enrollment date to cancel if you want to. I wouldn't say it was super easy or very hard but in the middle of both, you will need to take notes and study. They have tons of resources available in your student portal also to help if you get stuck on something.

The only con i would say is trying to get a hold of someone thru email, I would recommend just calling them, and I've never had and issues when I needed to call. I know everyone has different opinions on the good, but I had a great overall experience with them. Degree: Electrician Graduation Year: The course will not prepare you at all for this trade.

I learned a ton more from other sources. Penn Foster Appliance training is considered a joke by appliance repair technicians.

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Don't waste your time or money. Also, the 6 day "no questions asked" refund. You will have to fight to get it.

penn foster high school reviews

Before you start any program, make sure you research the requirements and particularly if you need certification or licensing that the governing body in your state will accept Penn Foster education. They do offer certification for a Penn Foster billing and coding certificate, but its through the NHA and as someone else mentioned, you can go to the AAPC for certification. No one will employ you for a coding job with just the diploma unless you get extremely lucky.

I chose Penn Foster because of the cost and that it will prep me to sit for the coding exam. The school and classes are VERY self-paced. Keep in mind that they are far more lenient than any community college or university when it comes to completing your classes. Ignore anyone that tells you otherwise. These are unpaid, and most places would love to have you.

I would recommend Penn Foster. The main reason that I like it is that it provides access to education to most people.This company is not yet accredited. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review.

Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I signed up for the HSD program because we are in a pandemic and I thought I could do something useful with my time. I ran through 2 programs in less than 2 days and realized it is more of a cheat program, not really educational.

Please use your local education programs. The enrollment terms are explained clearly in our enrollment form including the student's right to cancel which states students can either call or email the school to withdraw.

Please email us at student. Thank you! I am so close to graduating. But Penn Foster put my account under academic review. What does academic review mean? Am I still going to be able to graduate? How do I get rid of the academic review? Get buying tips about Online High Schools delivered to your inbox. Penn Foster is a great program. I now have 4 degrees and 2 teacher certifications and I am the head national team coach in Hong Kong.

I also have about 24 student athletes taking classes through Penn Foster. Everything has been going well so far. Penn Foster is what you make out of it.Thanks Penn Foster. My experience with Penn Foster was mediocre at best. The staff was either a hit or miss, some were extremely helpful and that made me so happy but many times I was told they couldnt help me, which was really hard on me.

I was practically doing "high school" on my own so it was scary having to figure things out alone. As for the education, I really hope they step it up for future students. It definitely wasn't all bad; I got into 3 universities in my state with the penn foster diploma. The curriculum wasn't challenging so I had a high GPA. But, the SATs were tough on me. I suggest a SAT prep course for penn foster. So, if your goal is to get into a university its going to take a lot more than a few courses from penn foster to help you get there.

The classes need a lot of motivavtion considering it is almost all reading and answering multiple answer questions. Overall, this program was pretty good but I wouldn't do it again. The staff are well trained to help student in any aspect. Always polite and willing to help. I already started recommending the school to others. Thanks penfoster you made it possible!!! Penn Foster had provided me with an affordable education that was very flexible around my busy day-to-day schedule.

The staff at Penn Foster were always available when I needed them and were very friendly and helpful.

penn foster high school reviews

I highly recommend Penn Foster. You have help also.Dear Hailey, We are disappointed to hear that you were not pleased with your program. Upon reviewing the course outline we see that your course includes 4 optional hands-on exercises as well as access to several online videos and 5 shipped textbooks.

We appreciate your feedback, and we will be sharing your thoughts with our Product Development Team for suggestions on how we may be able to improve this program for future students. If you have additional comments or concerns, please feel free to reach us by writing to: student. Penn Foster Career School Reviews. Write a Review.

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Learn More Write a Review. No Reviews - Be the First! Review Reviews. This school doesn't have any reviews yet. Help future students make informed decisions by reviewing your school today! Find an Online Degree: Select a Program. Select a Level. Business - Bachelor's. Pharmacy Technician - Certificate. Veterinary Technician - Associate. Veterinary Technician - Certificate. See More Programs. Degree: Economics Graduation Year: I registered but due to personal problems could not take the classes.

It was easy to get in touch with someone from penn Foster before I registered. After, nothing. Would not answer the phone or emails. So they decided to send me to a collection agency. Completely wrecked my credit. Degree: Higher Education Graduation Year: It certainly teaches you if you know how to read and continue the steps of what it says.

It is like opening up a cook book and making a recipe. Not too hard because the recipe is right there for you to learn. In order to learn you must first read. Sort of like instructions on how to assemble your toy Car.

It takes patience and understanding. Nothing to do with a person talking to you. Full blown read it.

Get it, show it and do it. You can call instructors for help or simply use the enternet People think you need to do the questions repeatedly each a times to remember the problem.Penn Foster is a great school I recently submitted my last work and am awaiting my results to finish the school and I also just paid off my school tuition and the agent said to me I have a waiting period of 3 weeks to receive my high school diploma that's what confused me why do I have to wait 3 weeks to receive my high school diploma?

Penn Foster Has been such a beautiful experience I love how Penn Foster works if you are working this is the best option that you can take because this will help you to work and do your work.

The lessons are so explained and make you process so much. Penn Foster has been so an amazing experience for me. Thank you Penn Foster -Suany Cruz. I am enrolled now at Penn Foster, for my high school diploma.

I am almost done I have 5 more credits left to do. I am 33 years old with 5 children, an plan on going to cosmetology school by Jan.

Penn Foster High School

This is a awesome program. I am wanting to know if I will receive my high school diploma even though account isnt paid off yet? I know I cant my transcripts until paid in full, but I didn't know about the diploma. I really regret not finish high school and now I am a mom of two boys I want to show them never ever give up.

I have had a horrible time with their billing department. No one should be put through this. It's a horrible business practice. I finished my high school diploma online while working as a single mother. Because of the payment plan and self paced work, I received my diploma and moved on to earn two degrees from a community college and then to a university where I went from being a high school drop out to earning a BSN.

I'm enrolling in a new course at Penn Foster to continue my undergrad studies without maxing out my financial aid hours, which works perfectly for classes that may have exceeded a drop rule or credit hour limits at another institution. Just be sure to check that the credits will transfer before jumping on board. Penn Foster serves a purpose but it isn't for everyone. Forethought will take you where you need to be here.

I appreciate the ability to study on my own time, around my job and family. If I could give Penn foster a 0 star, I would do so. Every since I got to encoding program. I never received help from any advisor. So I was searching and learning about medical coding.

I finished all my quiz and exams. My final things to do is to finish the projects. One things I just found out that I been scammed from Penn foster because of misleading.

I kept doing that project So many times they kept telling me it was wrong. July 28th I did the project all over again. It was am when finally finished and sent it to Penn foster and at am I opened my email. Finally I happened to find out an email from Penn foster that I need to do that project againthat I been doing over and over, received a grade around 3 00 am in morning said that my project is wrong. But email said am.A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile.

The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. The algorithm is subject to change in future. We are sorry to hear this has happened. Unfortunately, there have been some cases where an individual's information have been furnished to the school by an unknown party where an enrollment results without the student's knowledge or permission.

Once we have been able to gather the needed information from you we will work with management to help resolve this matter as quickly as possible. Thank you! I will be more than happy to be apart of a class action suit with you.

Penn Foster needs to be punished. They are not right. They have to make sure you can retain the information. This has to do with their accreditation. They won't accuse you of cheating, but if you go too fast, they will stop you and test you on what you have completed before you move on. It is all listed in the enrollment agreement we signed.

penn foster high school reviews

I'm worried as well. I'm not working right now so I want to do this full time and as quickly as possible as it's holding me back from something else. I'm afraid to start because I've read people accused of cheating because they went to fast. But when I talk with them on the phone they say people complete the High School course as little as 3 months.

Penn Foster is receiving a lot of queries regarding the situation with the Coronavirus. Verified account. Company monitors its reviews. See our business solutions. Home Education Penn Foster Penn Foster Reviews and Complaints. Diversity of Products or Services.Pennfoster was an amazing experience for me. They worked around my schedule and let me work as quickly or take pauses as much as I needed.

The counslers were able to get back to me as soon as possible and when I finally finished my work. That week I received my diploma and got to hang it proudly on my wall. I was disappointed how much this program relied on just written material for instruction. Only a couple of videos that weren't helpful at the beginning of the course and no kind of app to really help teach.

I wound up finding other websites that had much better explanations. Also the progression in learning was strange. Often there was a quick intro to a topic with not very good explanation and then reintroduced later on with a little better explanation. The course did not seem very well thought out and in fact, seemed like it was mid stream in being edited. The tests were challenging, which is fine, but there was not a good enough explanation to help you figure out many of the answers.

The only saving grace was you could take the test a 2nd timed, which was good for learning. And finally, the end chapters about the current state of electronics was very out dated - tapes to store data, not so much.

Had such high hopes for diving into a new subject for me, but in the end, all I wanted was to get it over with. I finished the course, but I don't really feel like I learned that much.

penn foster high school reviews

Class of 2k18 was well worth it! I liked the program overall. It was scientifically sound and thoroughly covered what I needed to know. I would have given it a five star rating if my graded assignments included feedback about why I lost points.

The lowest grade I got was on interpreting behavior, and I've got a master's degree in behavioral ecology. The grader may have been accurate, but I'm surprised that I did so poorly on that section. I need to know why as part of the learning experience.

Also, I disagreed with a couple answers for the quizzes, but that did not have a significant effect on my grade. I got an "A", so all is well, but there were little things that should be improved I love this program i reccomend it to everyone, if u dont have a diploma.

Or just want to further ur education i recommend Penn Foster.

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