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LINDBERG is known worldwide as the manufacturer of highly individualistic glasses and sunglasses made with a serious commitment to design and engineering excellence. Over the years, Lindberg received over 60 international design awards for their glasses, including the design of the century awards at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Screws were banned on these eyeglasses frames because they would always, it seemed, fall out five minutes before a party, date or job interview. In addition, rivets and welds were completely eliminated. The hallmark of what became known as the AIR Titanium line, a single piece of ethereally thin metal, was a delicate spiral twist at the right-angle of the frame and a clip for the lenses: a rational and simple design solution to a basic human problem that remains, in many respects, quintessentially Danish.

You can choose any color, any finish, any style, any size temple, and any lens shape!

lindberg glasses

Most people who wear prescription glasses do it for 16 hours a day 7 days a week. We only take our glasses off to sleep. In this way, it is super important that we own glasses frame that not only looks good but also feels good and comfortable after a prolonged wear. Not bad company to keep!!! You are the consummate professional — neat, organized, and detail oriented.

You understand the classics and favor a nice steak at the Cabin Club vs. On vacation, you know how to relax with a round of golf at the club or a nice glass of merlot by the fire. Despite your buttoned up exterior appearance, there is playful side to you but you are very selective with whom you share that with.

See you soon…. Email sign up Subscribe Get Specials and More! Schedule an eye exam. Find a store. Connect with US. Read more. Click to view gallery. Lightweight sunglasses.Just bought my first pair of Lindbergs. Expensive, yes, but when you consider what people pay for smart phones these days they are definitely worth it. I've had my pair of lindberg hermods for years - I will keep wearing them until if? I like my Lindberg frames, however, after a knock on the side of the frame whilst I was wearing them they didn't even fall offthe nose bridge now has so many fractures in it a complete break is imminent.

The lenses aren't even scratched that is how well they are looked after : I have worn glasses all my life and never had this problem before. So because of the high lense cost for me, I will probably try to buy the same frame again, just to use the same lenses. The initial frame and lense cost Euro and only lasted 12 months :. I found that some metal frame colours are not stable, they change under normal use. In my opinion this should not occur with expensive frames, and it is disappointing that Lindberg are not able take responsibility to address a failure of this type.

It is a pity because while Lindberg frames do have good qualities it is sad too see the name let down by not taking responsibilities in all areas. I would have purchased a second pair but decided not to as their after sales responsibility does not equate that expected for the price one pays. I bought them too and they have broken 3 times since I bought them in August The temples by the ears broke in 3 places, the temples by the glass broke just from cleaning and last week the nose piece broke just from cleaning.

They are crap!!!! My store has been trying to help me, but they say the company won't stand behind their product. I am furious.


Same here, glasses two years old. Loose temple and broke at the nose whilst cleaning. Never dropped them or took a hit.

No more Lindberg ever again. They look nice and that's it. I've had mine for about 7 years. I've replaced the lenses once and the nose pads a couple of times but they've held up great.

I have epilepsy so I've had a few face - plants during that time, had a basketball hit me in the face hard enough to send the glasses flying and raised 2 very grabby little boys.

They're basically flawless still. No signs of weak spots in the frame and not a single blemish on the powder coating. I'll buy Lindberg again, but at this rate I'll have this pair for another decade or so. After 2. Whole cleaning them one day, they broke.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Every frame is individual, with its own technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. The models are discreet, classic elegance, simplicity and a distinctive visual impact.

Language Ingles en. Page You're currently reading page 1 Page 2 Page Next. Show Lindberg Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Simon. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Oscar. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Mikkel. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Mark. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Harley. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Rachel. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Freddie. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Edwin. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Jane.

Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Dakota. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Fay.

lindberg glasses

Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Cameron. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Camilla. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim William. Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Panto.Titanium is one of the most ingenious natural elements, which possesses unique properties.

lindberg glasses

Titanium is ultra-lightweight, flexible, durable, hypoallergenic, and non-corrosive. Titanium is a natural element with unique qualities. The metal is ultra-lightweight, durable and extremely flexible. The patented titanium hinges are made with no screws, rivets or welded parts. A unique mix of materials. See our wood frames for women. The ultra-lightweight glasses can weigh as little as 1.

Acetate, composite and rimless sunglasses, all custom made and hand-finished for a truly personalised experience. Every frame is made with our signature durable, flexible and ultra-lightweight titanium for a remarkable comfort. Whether you prefer square or round, small or oversized sunglasses, the craftsmanship of LINDBERG ensures that there is a perfect pair of glasses for your unique taste.

Very strong. Highly flexible. Used in aerospace. The strengths of titanium. Extremely durable. The Story of Titanium. Titanium colours. Model Dakota Colour P Find a dealer. Matt titanium. Polished titanium. Patented hinge design. Cylindrical plate hinge. Spiral wire hinge. Design awards. See our buffalo frames for men.

See our wood frames for men. See our buffalo frames for women. Titanium sunglasses. Titanium sunglasses for men.The style is as unique and individual as each of us, and Silhouette does nothing but enhance it with innovative glasses, full of charm and lightness, which are born from the passion and attention to quality and leave an imprint of style over time.

The high-tech titanium allows Silhouette to turn what is only a dream into reality for many: eyewear without screws, without hinges, without rims and practically weightless. Light and resistant, Silhouette eyeglasses are the perfect partner for every day, with an exclusive material that adds a special touch. Each piece of the collection is handmade, unique and elegant.

Born inPersol is synonymous with Made in Italy. The key factors for the success of this brand are the refinement of its materials and the artisan manufacturing processes. Now Persol enriches its collections with new surprising and unpublished models. Handmade in Italy, Persol glasses represent a timeless style and superior craftsmanship. For over 90 years, Persol has used the highest quality materials and technologies to create iconic and sophisticated frames.

Once you try on Persol glasses, you will never want to own anything else. The glasses are recognizable first by the shape and then by the silver arrow on the side. A newly developed lens coating, giarre.


It does this by adsorbing the fog that accumulates on the lens. Close search. SIlhouette Eyewear The style is as unique and individual as each of us, and Silhouette does nothing but enhance it with innovative glasses, full of charm and lightness, which are born from the passion and attention to quality and leave an imprint of style over time.

Persol Eyewear: Special price only for few Days! Anti-fog Coating A newly developed lens coating, giarre. Don't want to miss anything? We use cookies on this website. If you continue to use this website you will be agreeing to the website General Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and the use of cookies while using the website.

To find out more about cookies and how to change your preferences please see Cookie Policy.These award-winning frames are where Lindberg started and they have only continued to innovate. Jump to today, Lindberg is essentially the Cadillac of eyewear.

Each new pair of frames is a step forward in the industry and in minimalist design. Each new design Lindberg creates implements their innovative technology to make completely unique, top-of-the-line frames.

Loftus Optical Lindberg Glasses Hand Made Quality

Lindberg offers many, many options that will stun your friends with their unique and innovative designs. These frames come in a multitude of styles and colors for men, women and children. These frames are the closest thing in minimalism you can have without wearing contacts. They come in a multitude of styles and colors for men, women and children. Entirely produced from laser cut titanium plates. These frames are super-light and ultra-sheik weighing only 2.

Three distinct temple options made with titanium wire, titanium plate and acetate available in numerous colors and styles. These frames combine classic style with innovative technology in a way that only Lindberg has mastered. These frames come complete with laser cut frames and a screwless hinge design. Combining the remarkably thin composite front and ultra-lightweight titanium temples into a minimalistic design.

With over 1 million different color and style combinations, the n. A unique mixture of our laser cut titanium frames and Water Buffalo Horn. Due to the nature of horn and the multiple breeds of buffalo that we use no two frames are completely alike; each are slightly nuanced in coloration and pattern.

Each water buffalo is a utility animal: the meat and hide are used locally as feed and various leather goods and the horns are used for specialty products, such as optical frames. Looking for a similar style? We offer convenient hours including evening and weekend times. Stay uniquely you! Lindberg Eyewear.

The Style of Lindberg Minimalism.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. More Information. With 53 design awards including the prestigious Silmo Gold award, this award-winning Danish company is undoubtedly the best of the best.

Their innovative designs and genius ideas brought them a lot of fame and success. They were the inventors of the first Air Titanium frames which resulted in a revolutionary change in the eyewear industry. The Air Titanium frames were made to be incredibly versatile; meaning it can be adjusted specifically to the user requirements.

Their craftsmanship is unmatched by any of the existing brands today. It consists of some of the finest, exclusive materials sourced from the world. In Decemberthe collection was showcased in India. The pieces from the collection are typically made from 24 carat solid gold and encrusted with dazzling diamonds, or made using organic materials such as buffalo horn, mammoth tusk and musk ox. This is the most expensive piece in the collection.

Due to its extreme exclusivity, the Precious collection is only available at a specially-selected stores across the world.

lindberg glasses

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