Computer networking final year project

Networking is a technology that is underrated or rather unknown to many people because of the way it works. But as engineers, we need to observe and appreciate the innovation happening in networking to make our life easier. It also redefined the way we use Internet by giving us WiFi hotspots, wireless modems, tri-band broadband connections etc. If you like to do projects related to networking fields but not sure about the project topics, you can refer the below topics to get some good ideas.

Have you checked out our projects on Wireless Communication yet? Wireless Communication Kit will be shipped to you and you can build using tutorials. You can start with a free demo today! Wireless Communication Career Building Course. Automatic Human Following Trolley. IOT Gadgets: Networking technology not only makes our life easier by providing faster internet and other networks but also provide us with smart gadgets to use.

IOT devices are one such example, which are penetrating into almost all the industries and homes. It is estimated that the market share of IOT devices will rise up to multi-trillions by From Apple watch series to all the wearable devices, smart kitchens, smart electronics devices like bulbs, water monitoring device, security systems etc.

Such is the pace in which networking products are reaching and assisting us in our day-to-day lives. Just like how 4G networks was researched and developed for many years, 5G networks are also undergoing the same cycle.

Many reports suggest that with 5G networks, the maximum data rates may reach up to gigabits per second Gbps and it is estimated that more consumers will be inclined to shifting to this network in near future.

Soon, you will be able to see the companies claiming to provide 4. Want to develop practical skills on Wireless Communication? Checkout our latest projects and start learning for free.

With the adoption of IPv6, it will become much easier to manage subscriber accounts by the internet providers and you can also expand the available IP address to accommodate more number of devices.

This will provide supreme power to administrators who manages home networks. All these machines need newer and efficient types of networks to function. So, if you are an engineering student looking to build innovative projects, choosing the networking field as the area of interest will provide you a lot of future scope and learning opportunity.

Networking is surely a hot area and one with a lot of job opportunities. And as we saw above the demand is only going to increase in the near future. However, the number of students and graduates looking for jobs in networking is also very high.

So, it is very important to build a strong profile to beat the competition and develop a great career in networking. Skyfi Labs helps students learn practical skills by building real-world projects. You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs. Get started today!

Networking is a field that requires strong understanding of fundamentals.

PhD projects in computer networking

And it also requires you to be very good at hands-on implantation of concepts. A networking engineer is expected to work on a number of problems and develop solutions and so the industry prefers students who have good experience in solving real problems. Hope you got some ideas about the networking projects that you can do as part of your curriculum.Hello, Welcome to Final Year Projects.

Hope you will enjoy the FREE projects. Latest Projects. Post Top Ad. Recent Posts View More. Apr 12, Toll Tax System using Microcontroller. Admin AM 0. Labels: Chemical Engg. Admin AM 1. Admin PM 0. Labels: Microbiology. PLC Projects.

Jul 7, Java based Project on Airline Reservation. Older Posts Home. Ad Post Below. Author Details Final-yearproject. All the resources in this website are Free of charge. This website is built by the students and is for the students. Follow by Email. Wearable Bio Sensors. The use of wearable mo Looking for final year projects for Computer Science Engineering? Looking for latest Computer Science projects? If your answer is yes and Java based Project on Airline Reservation.

When it comes to planning for your final year projectit becomes very tricky as there are so many topics to choose from. In this article, Computer Engineering or CSE has become number 1 choice of students in recent years. Due to boom in technology and application market more a Civil engineering is one of the most prestigious branches of engineering and if you are enrolled to Civil and Structural Engineering and lo Mech Projects.

Inner:case Owl. Outer:return this. Zepto window. PopularPosts ul li img".Computer Networking Project For Students is created by connecting various computers by various network links. Also, We develop computer networking projects for college students and research scholars. We implement computer network projects for computer science students under the category of post graduate and under graduate degree. Our faculty has undergone research to develop academic projects in computer network.

Our main aid of proxy is to detect and determine security threat websites. We handle website threat such as malware, phishing websites and malicious connection. Also, We introduce proxy in social network to integrate commercial protection software and online security scanning into security model.

In every process the service execute webpage security threat scan and scanned information send by web server before sending data to client. We provide software defined home network for multi home visual sharing process. Also, We integrate home electronic device with SDN emerging technology.

By adopting on demand provision protocol in software defined network ensure high degree of flexibility for intra home network and wide connection for inter home network.

We provide corresponding protocol in SDN realized by using multi home visual sharing methodology. We propose content centric network for content sharing which composed of virtual private community from Elsevier papers.

computer networking final year project

We deploy CCN in internet to reduce congestion and latency by elimination of redundant data delivery. We demonstrate potential user device oriented CCN application.

Network plays a vital role in cloud environment ensures network convergence and cloud computing. We apply service oriented architecture into network virtualization provide network as service to create integration of network and cloud computing.

Also, We support SOA approach with network virtualization in telecommunications and internet. We establish service oriented architecture composed of set of services to make communication with one another. We provide SOA communication with simple data passing. Ns3 Projects for B. Tech M. Tech PhD Scholars. Tech in NS3 Simulation M. Social networking projects: Our main aid of proxy is to detect and determine security threat websites. Software defined network projects: We provide software defined home network for multi home visual sharing process.

CCN network: We propose content centric network for content sharing which composed of virtual private community from Elsevier papers. Service oriented network: Network plays a vital role in cloud environment ensures network convergence and cloud computing.We are an online academic research consultant in Nigeria and so we have helped so many students around the globe with their computer science project works and source codes software development.

See image below. What are you waiting for? On this page below, We have computer science final year project topics with abstract pdf. And also we listed hundreds of free computer science project topics ideas and materials PDF.

Computer Science Projects

All topics on this page below have their ready-made complete materials with source codes ready for instant download from abstractchapters 1 to 5 with references, questionnaire, and appendix. We also assist students in generating and selecting best project topics for their final year projects e.

You can pick your topic below this page and submit to your supervisor for approval. After approval, you can come back to download the complete material of the approved topic with the source code instantly.

All computer science project topics listed below have their source codes attach to their material and. Eventually, you could not find your approved topic, material and source code, we have professional software developers to assist you with your source codes and material.

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If you have questions please contact us or use the comment box below and we will reply you instantly. Keep it up! Thank you so much, sir, for the new title given to us. Computer Science Project Topics and Materials. See image below What are you waiting for? Share 2. October 25, James January 29, Paid for project source code, they send to me.

Good service. Olaiwola January 28, Damian Chibueze January 28, Dolapo January 27, Damian Chibueze January 27, Its uses are increasing day by day. Computer has many works. This includes their work in different machines too. The main part of an Engineering life is projects. Engineers are known for their works and knowledge which is reflected in the projects only.

These projects help them get experience in their fields too. As the name suggests, networking is the connectivity of computer system or CPU. CPU which is known as the brain of the computer connects with other parts in networking.

Networking includes connectivity physically as well as virtually. Moreover, Networking includes the connectivity of computer with hardware parts, it includes the internet connectivity, it includes the internal program connectivity, etc. Furthermore, Networking refers to the total process of creating and using computer networks, with respect to hardware, protocols and software, including wired and wireless technology.

It involves the application of theories from different technological fields, like IT, computer science and computer engineering, and electrical engineering.

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computer networking final year project

A computer network is created by connecting various computers by various network links. Network professionals are typically well-versed in the technical aspects of networking: router and switch configuration, server deployment and management, and so on.

However, network pros are rarely trained on how to manage projects. This is unfortunate, because many — if not most — of the problems that net workers face in projects can be mitigated with just a few project management skills and techniques. Moreover, With the help of projects, we can improve our networking knowledge too.

A Wireless Sensor Network WSN consists of spatially distributed autonomous sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound pressure, etc. The topology of these networks can vary from a single star network to an advanced multi-hop wireless mesh network. Now a days, the health care system is highly complex. Moreover, The demand of the medic facilities are increasing.

Network Security

The proposed system is designed to provide ultimate solutions to the healthcare using the wireless sensor networks. It is a very tedious method. Such communications, by any means, must be maintained in the area and time where needed. In general, they should be resistant to jamming, direction finding and other electronic warfare threats, and provide end-to-end message security.

This also holds for military WSN communications. Wireless sensor networks can be used by the military for a number of purposes such as monitoring militant activity in remote areas and Protecting the force.The Network design starts from the point of topology.

computer networking final year project

This will include defining the layers and defining the functionality of each layer. The main aspect of dividing the network into layers is to incorporate the functions based on the layered structure and design the connectivity methods and high availability techniques at each layer.

It also helps in distribution and control of network functionality. The aim of the network is to provide highly available and scalable environment for collocation of Internet, Intranet and Extranet services, and applications. It providing high-speed access to data, voice and internet-based applications. The network is planned such that it will provide the necessary backbone connectivity between the different offices to ensure that the network becomes an enabler for business plans.

The design should be in such a way that there will be no single points of failure and should be capable of achieving fast and predictable convergence times. The design should also address the ease of scalability by increasing the port density in the switches.

There is a vast future scope of this Network. This Design can be improved and can be used by various banks. We can easily implement any changes to the Network Design as we are using the latest protocol like Border Gateway Protocol BGP in our network which is having attributes to easily divert or control the flow of data and QOS which can be used to allocate bandwidth to servers accordingly.

Network is to connect two or more computers together with the ability to communicate with each other. Networking is to link two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data.

computer networking final year project

A local area network LAN is a group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line or wireless link. Desktop Manager can assess the configurations of desktops and determine if they have received the proper updates — a task that is helpful to ensure all desktops are operating properly and securely.

It controls the Desktops within the network and keep desktops clean and tidy. It even allows to add own Media message video, image or HTML that can be displayed on the remote Desktops within the network.

Our proposed project is Network Desktop Manager which provides the complete control on the remote desktop. It also provides some of the features like chatting, desktop locking, desktop sharing, and port scanning. Administrator can directly access the remote system by sharing the requested system desktop. Desktop Sharing is a server application that allows to share current session with a user on another machine, who can use a client to view or even control the desktop.

Network Projects

Desktop Sharing lets users call a remote computer to access its shared desktop and applications. With the Desktop sharing we can operate our office computer from our home or viceversa. Desktop locking and unlocking is a utility provided by the Network Desktop Manager to lock and unlock the remote desk to prevent others from accessing the system.We offer Networking projects for final year students to improve their technical knowledge.

We handle networking projects for under graduate B. Various types of networking concepts are handled and guided by our team. Based on students convenient and requirements, simulation tools are developed for network communication projects.

Currently, we support different types of network and they are described from Springer paper as:. We implement actuator networks which is a new generation of sensor network. It used to control application and designed with distributed system of sensor nodes. Node in network are interconnected by wireless links actuator node transmit gathered data through single hop or multi hop communication. To provide high data coverage of radio and video applications, an enhanced cellular network called orthogonal frequency division multiple accesses are implemented our team.

It consist of multihop relay frequency division multiple access. In this network, we use multiple relay stations to transmit data between base station and multiple mobile stations. For data transmission we use frame by frame resource allocation. It composed of downlink dl and uplink ul sub frames. We implement two types of multihop networks for wireless communications are relay and mesh. Relay networks formed by tree based topologies, where base station act as root.

Mesh network are formed by mesh topology provide multiple connections between users. All Rights Reserved.

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